[Gllug] A long shot... Windows support

Tethys sta296 at astradyne.co.uk
Sun Dec 26 19:22:31 UTC 2010

I know it's a long shot on a London based Linux list, but does
anyone know of someone reliable doing Windows support in the
Bournemouth area?

Over Christmas, it became apparent that I'm completely out of
my depth when trying to fix my parents computers. Their machines
are not doing DNS lookups properly, so they can't get their
email. And on Windows, I'm lacking the tools I need to diagnose
and fix the problem. Yes, I got as far as enabling telnet (which
is mysteriously disabled by default) and downloading wireshark.
But something's blocking DNS traffic. It appears to be on the
machines themselves, rather than on their PlusNet router. But I
can't find what. They have something called BullGuard installed,
but the logs for that show nothing. And I simply don't have
enough knowledge of how Windows works to know where to look
next. So it would be better to leave it to someone that does know.

Any suggestions?

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