[Gllug] network mapping

Martin N Stevens budgester at budgester.com
Thu Dec 30 20:52:22 UTC 2010

> I actual use, network visualisation is not actually that useful.
> Generally all that is needed, is a single line reported to the user
> saying "network card X has failed". It might sound simple, but it is
> actually quite difficult to get right in all failure cases.
> Having something go red on a visual diagram is really not a lot of
> use, and particularly, in large networks, problems can be missed is a
> sea of green objects.

I use nagios, and I very rarely use the web part of it, but you have
to set it up to do exactly what you want.

I use it with


Which allow filtering of alerts, custom sounds etc, and just sits
there in the background on you desktop till there is an alert.

We also have it setup to tell us when printer cartridges need
replacing or a printer is out of paper via snmp
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