[Gllug] Problem with encrypted Debian root.

Matthew King matthew.king at monnsta.net
Tue Jul 20 09:10:41 UTC 2010

Nix <nix at esperi.org.uk> writes:

> On 18 Jul 2010, David Damerell uttered the following:
>> Wait a minute, Grub 1 (but not Grub 2) counts partitions from 0. So
>> (hd0,1) is /dev/sda2 to Grub 1, isn't it? So _if_ you're using Grub 1
>> this makes perfect sense, assuming the kernel has the brains to figure
>> out where the real root partition is... somehow?
> grub 1 and 2 *number their devices differently*?
> Dear holy fuck. Were the grub people actually *trying* to ruin the da of
> anyone trying to upgrade, or what?

It's better than that. While they changed the partition number to start
at 1, they did not do so with the disc number.

Not to mention that the position on the bus, which the OS uses, is ignored.

[linux] hda1 -> [grub 1] (hd0,0) -> [grub 2] (hd0,1)

I don't know how it deals with the extra partition layer of BSD and
other unixen.

> (I knew there was a reason I stuck with LILO. It Just Works.)

Despite the complete cock-up with device naming, which is alleviated a
lot by tab completion but still entirely moronic, the fact that grub is
an interactive environment makes it 1000 times more useful than lilo. I
never go far without a grub boot block, and have even set up a pxe menu
entry to boot into grub. I can't count the number of times it's saved me
from disaster.


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