[Gllug] iPhone 4 or Android phone

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Thu Jul 29 08:29:02 UTC 2010

On 15/07/10 20:47, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> I can upgrade to one or the other - what are the pros and cons,
> especially from the data pov? Or is there something else that is better?
> I know there was a discussion on this ere recently but no one brought up
> the iPhone and wile I am usually resistant to Apple's charms I thought
> I'd throw it into the mix

A bit late to contribute to this thread, but two issues decided it for me:

1) You can run whatever software you choose on Android phones.  Apple
control what you can run on an iPhone (and it appears that you can't
currently run *any* GPL software on it).

2) Android phones will play Ogg/Vorbis music files, and that's the
format all my music is in.  iPhones won't.

These may not be relevant to you, but they drove my decision.  Two
months in and I'm very pleased with my N1.

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