[Gllug] (OT) Demonic dropping out

Geo caparo.g at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 17:45:26 UTC 2010

On Saturday 24 July 2010 17:28:48 Don Williams wrote:
> Hi Gluggers, whilst I still can, I'm sending a puzzled cry for
> help/advice.
> MY ISP is Demon, I have a service coming through a BT line which we also
> use for telephony (without interruption).
> Last Thursday evening my Web connection failed and, as I was in the
> middle of installing Mint 9, I failed to notice the loss until I'd got
> myself into a complete install-mess (in the end cured)!
> Some hours of talking over the helpline with a VERY difficult to
> understand Chinese lady brought her statement that the failure was at
> the BT Thamesmead telephone exchange, with mention of "O2". After much
> furious re-jugging of my router's software and something at Demon's end,
> a re-connection was made on Wednesday of this week. One of the "helpers"
> said, during all this, that the trouble affected "some 200-plus people".
> This afternoon, without warning (after a session on Ubuntu's forum I did
> some printing, then went back to check for e-mail) I was without service
> even though the indicator light on my Belkin N (wireless model
> F5D7630-4A, wired) was solid blue and indicated connection!
> This time the Oriental lady said, after a time, that I had to switch off
> the router whilst she reset her end or re-set the line. The connection
> was re-established. She warned that I might have a £200-plus charge to
> pay to have the line checked if problems recurred. By BT, the people who
> were responsible for the failure in the first place, according to Demon!
> Up until a week ago Demon's service had been relatively faultless. Since
> BT's Thamesmead exchange problems things seem different.
> Does anyone have any relevant advice or helpful comment for this old
> fart?
> TIA, Don Williams

         I have had similar experiences where the internet connection is 
actually up but the ability to browse is not working and trying to convince 
Demon's script readers to listen and not spout drivel is the hardest thing to 
 I have had 3 sessions of no DNS service this years lasting from 6 days the 
first time and 36 hours the m'night thursday thro saturday before last.
 If it happens again it is bye bye Demon as I am not paying their top rate 
home/office and getting "script readers in what is passed off as english."

I am married to an asian and I asked her to try to comprehend what was being 
said she hung up.

C U 
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