[Gllug] (OT) Demonic dropping out

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Mon Jul 26 06:36:24 UTC 2010

On Sat 24 Jul, Don Williams wrote:
> Hi Gluggers, whilst I still can, I'm sending a puzzled cry for
> help/advice.
> MY ISP is Demon, I have a service coming through a BT line which we also
> use for telephony (without interruption).
> Last Thursday evening my Web connection failed and, as I was in the
> middle of installing Mint 9, I failed to notice the loss until I'd got
> myself into a complete install-mess (in the end cured)!
> Some hours of talking over the helpline with a VERY difficult to
> understand Chinese lady brought her statement that the failure was at
> the BT Thamesmead telephone exchange, with mention of "O2". After much
> furious re-jugging of my router's software and something at Demon's end,
> a re-connection was made on Wednesday of this week. One of the "helpers"
> said, during all this, that the trouble affected "some 200-plus people".
> This afternoon, without warning (after a session on Ubuntu's forum I did
> some printing, then went back to check for e-mail) I was without service
> even though the indicator light on my Belkin N (wireless model
> F5D7630-4A, wired) was solid blue and indicated connection!
> This time the Oriental lady said, after a time, that I had to switch off
> the router whilst she reset her end or re-set the line. The connection
> was re-established. She warned that I might have a £200-plus charge to
> pay to have the line checked if problems recurred. By BT, the people who
> were responsible for the failure in the first place, according to Demon!
> Up until a week ago Demon's service had been relatively faultless. Since
> BT's Thamesmead exchange problems things seem different.
> Does anyone have any relevant advice or helpful comment for this old
> fart?
> TIA, Don Williams

   I am connected via unbundled C&W and intermittently get the same problem.
Saturday evening I could ping the other end of the ADSL link thanks to my
ADSL modem log giving me its address, but not the next IP address as given
by a previous traceroute (which did not provide an address for the first

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