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Wed Jul 28 19:08:31 UTC 2010

On 27/07/10 16:08, Jason Clifford wrote:
>> Some hours of talking over the helpline with a VERY difficult to
>> understand Chinese lady brought her statement that the failure was at
>> the BT Thamesmead telephone exchange, with mention of "O2". After much
>> furious re-jugging of my router's software and something at Demon's end,
>> a re-connection was made on Wednesday of this week. One of the "helpers"
>> said, during all this, that the trouble affected "some 200-plus people".
> I hope the above is helpful to you.
> If you want to avoid dealing with overseas call centres you could follow
> the advise given by others and switch to an ISP with UK call centres
> such as UKFSN ;)
> Jason Clifford		- Yes I run UKFSN

Waitrose always used to have their call centres in South Africa and 
their operatives had excellent clear English, not sure if that's still 
the case though. Be Unlimited, who I use and am very happy with, seem to 
have mostly eastern European (or maybe even Russian) call center staff. 
Their accents are quite legible* and they really seem to know their stuff.

TBH I've spent so much of my life on the phone to tech support on my 
customers behalf that I tend to understand even the thickest of foreign 
accents now!


* Not quite right I know but what is the auditory equivalent of legible !?
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