[Gllug] Describing pictures in XML

James Courtier-Dutton james.dutton at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 20:58:14 UTC 2010


Does anyone know if there is a standard XML format to describe pictures.
I am thinking of something like facebook, where one can highlight
areas and put names to them.
I want to have a picture.jpg file, and keep a picture.jpg.xml file next to it.
In the .xml file I wish to store peoples names, highlighted area etc.
that describe the picture.
In this way, I can archive the pictures, and know that they will be
readable, including the meta data in many years time.
Most picture applications I know of seem to store this information in
databases that make it difficult to extract the meta data for just one
of the photos.
I could then add search tools, that could show me all pictures of person A.
With face recognition software, I could also have it scan all my
pictures and find any other pictures where person A appears and update
the .XML files appropriately.

Kind Regards

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