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Fri Jun 18 01:55:25 UTC 2010

t.clarke wrote:
> BT's party piece appears to be to wait until you agree for an engineer to
> test the line (from your premises) and then after the visit is booked, fix
> the fault externally to your premises.  Then when the enigneer turns up no fault
> is found so it must have been a problem with your equipment and you get a nice
> fat bill for the visit!
> Tim

Had a crackle on my line a few weeks back. I waited a week to see if it
went away of it's own accord but it didn't so I tested the master socket
with another handset. It was still crackly even with the other handset
so I called them. They'd had someone round and fixed it within 4 hours
of my call and it's been perfect ever since. The engineer even texted me
to let me know when he was arriving, when and for how long my service
would be disrupted and when he'd fixed it.

Last time I had them out it was a 2 day turnaround which isn't bad
considering it's technically a domestic line. They were very nice and
even upgraded my master socket for free. Really can't fault the service.

If you can repeat your problems with two entirely separate sets of
equipment run from the master socket (in the diagnostic socket
underneath the faceplate) then you can call them without worrying (or
simply worry that both sets of equipment are broken in exactly the same

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