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Fri Mar 26 22:00:34 UTC 2010

Chris Bell wrote:
> On Fri 26 Mar, general_email at technicalbloke.com wrote:
>> Fair enough, I installed that and copied the cygwin1.dll to the same
>> folder as the .exe and it runs BUT...
>> A) I'm not sure how to reference the drives in windows, fdisk -l doesn't
>> work as cygwin doesn't seem to have fdisk and ls /dev at the cygwin
>> prompt only shows half a dozen devices, none of them a hard drive: "fd
>> mqueue shm stderr stdin stdout". Do I need to use the
>> \\?\Device\HardDiskVolume3 style syntax here?
>> B) I'd like to keep the 55Gb (of the 80Gb disk) dd was able to do before
>> falling over as it took about 15hrs to get that far and this drive is
>> clearly living on borrowed time. Is there a way I can get it to extend
>> the partial image I already have?
>> Thanks,
>> Roger.
>    I would not even consider doing fsck until all the information possible
> had been backed up to another disk. I would disconnect the drive until able
> to do a backup, either using dd or a file copy to another disc. If the
> computer will not boot from Knoppix or similar I would connect the drive to
> another computer which I could boot and do the backup there. Reliability
> would be far more important than speed, so I would be happy to use an older
> computer for the job.

Well that's exactly where I am now, I wouldn't dream of fscking a drive
in this condition before backing up what I could of it, I think you must
have missed the first half of my post somehow. The problem I have is
that I'm not sure of the syntax for specifying which drives to use in
ddrescue (on windows/cygwin, I haven't found a linux that will boot at
all with this drive attached) and, more importantly, how to fire it up
so it adds to the partial image file I got from using straight ahead
windows dd as I don't want to put more hours on the disk than I
absolutely have to.



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