[Gllug] Proposed broadband improvements

Chris Bell chrisbell at 3966.ukfsn.org
Thu May 13 09:37:13 UTC 2010

On Thu 13 May, Jason Clifford wrote:

> My understanding is that the cabinets don't have batteries for standby
> power provision. This means that broadband will fail in the event of a
> power cut which is what already happens when there is a power cut at the
> exchange so there is no change there.
> I don't think this has any impact on availability on the PSTN side. The
> phone connection is not terminated into any digital equipment at the
> cabinet but will still be jumpered through to the exchange as it already
> is so a power cut wont have any more effect that it currently does on
> your ability to make phone calls.

   It was my understanding that DC volts are maintained by batteries at the
exchange to power a simple analogue phone connection through the copper
   How are analogue phones connected to the fibre?

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