[Gllug] ntfsresize is lying to me!

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Wed May 12 22:43:45 UTC 2010

damion at trap.me.uk wrote:
> On Sun, 9 May 2010, general_email at technicalbloke.com wrote:
>> however... it says I need to repartition the disk with fdisk first and
>> looking at the fdisk man page makes me never want to use fdsik again,
>> and I quote...
>> "fdisk is a buggy program that does fuzzy things - usually it happens
>> to produce reasonable results. Its single  advantage is  that it has
>> some support for BSD disk labels and other non-DOS partition tables.
>> Avoid it if you can.  sfdisk is for hackers only -  the user
>> interface is terrible, but it is more correct than fdisk and more
>> powerful than both fdisk and cfdisk.  Moreover, it can be  used
>> noninteractively.)"
> I've used fdisk for years, until cfdisk became more common on install
> disks and after I read the following from the fdisk man page.
> cfdisk is a beautiful program that has strict requirements on the par‐
> tition  tables it accepts, and produces high quality partition tables.
> Use it if you can.
>> So I figure I'd use parted instead... it has a command "resize" which
>> looks like the right sort of thing but it gives me "Support for opening
>> ntfs file systems in not implemented yet".
> parted seemed scary and unusable in the sfdisk style.  gparted and
> k?parted were fine when I needed resizing via knoppix bootcds.  I've
> used sfdisk in netboot scripts so I'm actually happier with it than
> parted.
> But why didn't you try cfdisk?
> Damion

I did. "Maximise" seemed to do nothing on the NTFS partition I needed to
expand so I was left with the very fdisk option of deleting the current
partition and recreating it. I tried that and it wouldn't let me create
a new partition of type NTFS. Maybe I was using it incorrectly but the
complete lack of info and feedback made me too nervous to press on
and/or commit anything to disk so I did it by hand.

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