[Gllug] ntfsresize is lying to me!

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Tue May 11 18:15:55 UTC 2010

Chris Bell wrote:
>>> I'm still waiting for a partitioning tool which doesn't suck.
>    Is one of the problems that different versions of various OS offerings
> count in different ways, including decimal and binary, and it is not always
> possible to start from a clean sheet?

Actually the problem is the interface, for me at least. Even assuming a
CLI only interface they could all do a lot better. With something as
important to get right as you partition tables there should be a lot
more handholding and feedback in interactive mode, you should have an
option to backup your current MBR to another disk or send it to an email
of your choosing and the ability to grow a partition to use all the
available space should be a standard feature.

These programs should clearly edit the partition tables in place too,
suggesting that you delete your partition then create a new one like
fdisk does (while being very careful to switch to sector display to make
sure you start it on the exact same sector as the previous one) is both
worrying and dumb, people often want to modify existing partitions not
delte and recreate them even if the difference is only nominal.

The counting isn't an issue these days, as far as I can tell all modern
operating systems ignore the geometry stuff anyway so all a partitioner
really has to do is specify the LBA block a partition starts on and how
many blocks that partition has, hardly neuroscience.

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