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Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Wed May 12 11:08:55 UTC 2010

On 11 May 2010, James Courtier-Dutton outgrape:

> On 11 May 2010 16:56, Richard Jones <rich at annexia.org> wrote:
>> The surface between the kernel and the hardware is surprisingly
>> complex and brittle, and most of the testing in virtualization goes
>> towards making sure very specific versions of specific Linux and
>> Windows kernels work.  Even current versions of non-Linux non-Windows
>> can be spectacularly broken: I know that PC-BSD, Dragonfly BSD,
>> NetBSD, OpenBSD, Minix, AIX 6, Solaris 10 and very old Linux do *not*
>> work in KVM at the moment, and moreover no one cares.
> I have seen results of tests done with KVM, and although it runs the
> latest Linux kernel very well, it does not support all CPU
> instructions correctly. For example, an very old Linux will not know
> about whatever CPU KVM is supposed to emulate. Something like Bochs is
> probably better for older OS's because one can program Bochs to
> simulate a specific CPU model. E.g. A 486 or a Pentium etc.

Or you can just leave the KVM out of it and use QEMU proper, which does
the CPU-emulation dance itself.
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