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James Courtier-Dutton james.dutton at gmail.com
Tue May 11 16:42:44 UTC 2010

On 11 May 2010 16:56, Richard Jones <rich at annexia.org> wrote:
> The surface between the kernel and the hardware is surprisingly
> complex and brittle, and most of the testing in virtualization goes
> towards making sure very specific versions of specific Linux and
> Windows kernels work.  Even current versions of non-Linux non-Windows
> can be spectacularly broken: I know that PC-BSD, Dragonfly BSD,
> NetBSD, OpenBSD, Minix, AIX 6, Solaris 10 and very old Linux do *not*
> work in KVM at the moment, and moreover no one cares.
> Rich.

That is probably due to lack of demand for such a feature. As KVM is
open source, it can be modified to work with a particular OS if
I think some of that list works in VM-Ware.
I have seen results of tests done with KVM, and although it runs the
latest Linux kernel very well, it does not support all CPU
instructions correctly. For example, an very old Linux will not know
about whatever CPU KVM is supposed to emulate. Something like Bochs is
probably better for older OS's because one can program Bochs to
simulate a specific CPU model. E.g. A 486 or a Pentium etc.
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