[Gllug] Large box of computer crud

Martin A. Brooks martin at hinterlands.org
Sun May 2 11:22:21 UTC 2010


I have finally got round to sorting out my office a bit and I have
compiled a box full of stuff that's of no use to me but might be to you.

This box contains (at least):

* Dust
* A 56k modem (ooooh!)
* A USB TV tuner (ahhhh!)
* A 128Mb pen drive (gasp!)
* A USB ethernet adaptor
* A CD-ROM drive
* A boxed usb internet phone
* A PCI TV tuner

A many many more cables, fans, adaptors, convertors, screws, nuts, bolts,
thermal paste, weird backing plates etc etc.

Claiming this wonderful prize is easy.  Please be the first person to say
"I can come and collect this from your house -today-, I know you live at
approximately RM3 7EG."

The amount of money I would like for this is £0.00.  I will even throw in
an antibodyMX tshirt (please indicate your size M, L or XL).

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