[Gllug] Large box of computer crud

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Sat May 15 18:11:35 UTC 2010

tid wrote:
>> This ended up not being claimed.  Any takers for today?
> you nearest freecycle list might yield results. I get rid of a lot of
> crud that way. Although people seem to be very choosy and demanding
> these days. I offered a working OM10 camera & spare lenses and two
> people wanted to know if I could deliver it to them...
> Tid

Yeah it never fails to amaze me how cheeky some freecyclers are, both
those who place wanted ads for "Apple laptop, not fussy which as long as
it's quite fast and has lots of space" and those who place available ads
for their worthless broken electronics who insist on a small essay
and/or charitable cause from anyone interested in doing them the favour
of getting rid of their junk for free! Then there's the cherry pickers,
the no-shows and the oddballs.

Having said that I still use it and it's still a great way of getting
rid of stuff, especially computer junk, you just have to be quite strict
with people and state clearly what is cool / not cool i.e. Collection
ONLY, Must take EVERYTHING, No phone number no response.

The oddballs are par for the course, they've never really bothered me
and I guess I might seem suite odd to them :)

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