[Gllug] Small form factor backup machine

Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Tue Apr 5 09:30:40 UTC 2011

On 5 Apr 2011, Stephen Nelson-Smith spake thusly:

> Hello,
>> You should be able to get a few disks in with one of those and they're
>> silent, can have many wifi cards, and are small.
> Maybe I'm looking/thinking the wrong way.  Aren't these *tiny* - how
> could I fit a few disks and many cards into one?  Am I missing
> something obvious?

They're tinier than they look: half the 5501 case is empty space, ready
for you to drop in a 3.5" minipci disk. More than one would overflow the
case, and you'd need somewhere else to keep them.

(I'm personally unconvinced of the importance of having a silent machine
with disks in it: the disks will produce as much noise as the fans if
you have more than a couple of them. Also, disks tend to run hot, and
*especially* if you have more than one of them they tend to demand
forced-air cooling. I ran four disks on a previous machine with a normal
PC-style layout, so there was very little air passing over the disks
because it all flowed down past them, and *ghu* did they get hot, 50C or
higher. My current machine has the disks mounted vertically with
ventilation between them and a fan right behind the disks pulling air in
through that ventilation, which works much better.)

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