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Geo caparo.g at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 11:55:47 UTC 2011

On Thursday 21 April 2011 09:15:19 T Menezes wrote:
> Hi,
> This morning, the Independent writes about iphones 'secretly' collecting
> data of your whereabouts and storing it in unencrypted files.
> I have an Android phone, but the article raises the more general question
> of smartphone security.
> How do you audit the security of your smartphone? In particular, what Linux
> tools can be leveraged for Android phones?
> Never mind apps from dubious sources. How do you audit the security of the
> vanilla system release?
> And how do you keep 'the badies' at bay? Any views on firewalls?
> TM

 having had a chat with someone who is in aposition to know:-

The bottom line is that you cannot trust ANY platform, so you need to find a 
platform whose author's motives roughly align with yours.  Apple is 
reasonably OK, RIM is OK enough to gain government approval, and anyone who 
is deluded by the fact that Google calls the platform "open" deserves the 
data loss they are begging for (a hint you get with any Android phone is that 
a LOT of apps require you to log in to Google before they work).
 Let me remind you: *Google* is the one that really, really wants your data is 
is not above "accidentally" breaking the law to get it.  Having said that, 
Apple has something to answer for right now.
 So, unlike others I prefer to avoid Android - it is the riskiest platform of 

C U 
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