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Andy Millar andy at andymillar.co.uk
Sun Apr 24 14:04:02 UTC 2011

I use a pair of http://www.dynamode.net/english/pages/product/Wireless%20LAN/Router/R-ADSL-C4W-EG.html at the moment for wireless at home; with the same SSID and both plugged into the structured cabling.

This makes for pretty good coverage around the flat.

I have previously used 3 of these (with WDS, which they natively support) to provide good coverage where structured cabling wasn't available.

They're pretty reasonable APs and I've not had any trouble with them. 

The only gotchas are that their web interface doesn't support Chrome, and you can't use WDS and WPA/WPA2.

They were only about £50 each when I got them, which seems pretty reasonable.

I should really try and find out what happened to my third at some point.


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A while ago I wasted a day of my life converting some off the shelf
netgear routers to run dd-wrt, as the netgears I had were incompatible
and didn't allow me to connect them together to extend wireless
coverage all over the house.

One of the netgears just wouldn't take, and ended up in the bin.  The
other two I managed to set up in such a way to so provide two SSIDs
which covered most of the house.  Unfortunately the cleaner switched
one of them off a few months ago, and try as I might I couldn't get it
to work again.  So now we have only one, and partial coverage in the

This week I've mostly been in the garden.  Our wifi doesn't reach to
the garden.  Thankfully our neighbours' does.  They don't mind us
borrowing theirs, but when it comes to adding firewall rules to client
machines, I'm not about to add my next-door neighbour's IP, and
besides, I don't feel we should take advantage of our neighbours'

So... it's time to build some wireless access points / repeaters!  I
have a few laptops kicking about, with wireless cards, so I figured I
could dot these about and build a wireless network that way!

So - any recommendations?  Are there any distros dedicated to this
sort of thing?  Are there any projects that folk have used that make
it nice and easy?  I haven't dicked about with the details of Linux
wireless for 6 or 7 years, so I have no idea how it's changed.  Do I
just need to mess about with iwconfig and bridgeutils?

Thanks in advance!


Stephen Nelson-Smith
Technical Director
Atalanta Systems Ltd
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