[Gllug] Wireless repeaters

Alistair Mann gllug at lgeezer.net
Sun Apr 24 14:02:59 UTC 2011

Stephen Nelson-Smith wrote:

>  So... it's time to build some wireless access points / repeaters!  I
>  have a few laptops kicking about, with wireless cards, so I figured I
>  could dot these about and build a wireless network that way!

I've never seen a network of repeaters behave themselves*; you'd be 
better off creating a wired backbone throughout, with APs where wireless 
is needed, and they're dirt cheap now - even PCWorld do them for under 

* Problems with wireless and repeaters.
1. Wireless devices, without fail, receive too many volts. If it says it 
wants 12v, you can bet 18v is coming out the power supply. I'm no 
electrician, but if I drink faster than I can swallow, I'm going to get 
wet. Can I analogise that  wireless devices burn out faster than they 
ought? For the above reason or some other, my experience is that they do.

2. Prior to burning out, I've seen wireless ranges reduce sufficient to 
stop connection to anything more than a foot away.

3. Hairdryers, microwaves, sir's new metal filing cabinet -- wireless 
repeating can be degraded just by ordinary changes about the property.
Wireless repeater networks are more trouble than they're worth.

Alistair Mann

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