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T Menezes t.menezes at tm.uklinux.net
Tue Apr 5 11:38:29 UTC 2011


 > It would help if you said what you expect the email provider to do
 > for you.
 > Eg: mail available via IMAP/POP3, or a webmail interface, ....

IMAP is good, POP3 is acceptable, and webmail is a nice-to-have.

What is really important to me is that the service is reliable and as 
much 'future proof' (if any such thing exists) as possible: meaning I 
don't like the idea of having to change my email address simply because 
I am changing who provides that service.

 > If you don't have a domain name you might as well go for a generic
 > account like hotmail, gmail or yahoo. If you do have a domain name,
 > most registry services will provide an email server as a bolt on to
 > that domain name, that would be a good place to start.

I don't want to simply get my email from my broadband provider because 
(usually) the name of the provider features in your email address and it 
becomes a total hassle to swap providers.

As I said, I'll contemplate going with gmail if I have to. But, I was 
thinking of getting my own domain and piggy-backing the email on it.

The thing is, I have never done this before and I don't know a) how to 
go about doing it; b) good service providers; and c) what the potential 
gotchas are.

At this point in time I don't have the resources to run the email server 
from home, so I need to purchase the service from someone.

Thanks for your help
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