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Steve Parker steve at steve-parker.org
Wed Apr 13 23:56:11 UTC 2011

On 13/04/11 16:28, Dylan wrote:
> Hi All,
> Anyone fancy sharing advice or opinions on the current crop of smartphones?
> What's the word on Android vs. whatever else is out there (NOT iphone - don't
> want anything from Apple)?
> How is the internet service from the various providers?
> Cheers
> Dylan
 From my trusty old Nokia 6230i, I upgraded to the Google Nexus S a 
month or so ago. So far I'm very happy with it; it crashed a few times 
in the first few days, but has been stable since.

Opera Mini seemed very good at first, but regularly came up with just a 
black screen whenever I clicked on a link. I've gone back to the native 
browser which seems okay, if not quite as good.

Vodafone's internet service is as good on this phone as on others; my 3G 
Vodafone connection from the phone is not always as good as the 3G 
connection from Three that I have via a USB dongle for the laptop.

Occasionally I find that with the on-screen keyboard, I press the 
spacebar when I want to press the letter "c". You can spin the phone 
around for a wider keyboard, but then it is too wide to be comfortable.

The Nexus S seems to be fully hackable; I have not had the time to play 
with that yet, <plug class="shameless" attr="see signature">I'm writing 
a book at the moment</plug> which is taking all of my time, but I am 
really looking forward to hacking it both within the provided Android 
system and by replacing it with a custom Android build. That level of 
openness doesn't seem to be at all available on the iProduct.


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