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David L Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Sat Apr 2 22:18:14 UTC 2011

On 04/03/2011 12:36 AM, Nix wrote:
> On 2 Apr 2011, John Edwards outgrape:
>> On Sat, Apr 02, 2011 at 09:36:04AM +0100, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> Which always makes me wonder .. why don't people build colos somewhere
>>> where land and power are cheaper?
>> Probably because getting reliable, high quality, low latency links
>> to those locations is harder.

I was set to offer you space/facilities in New Zealand - but the laws of 
physics have a profound effect on ping times and latency... We have 
almost every type of power generation/strength in such variety, 
including geothermal but excepting nuclear, plus multiple international 
data routes.

<self-promotion>to say nothing of the most complementary time-zone to 
the UK for 24x7 operations, over-night outsourcing, and people who 
(almost) speak the same English as you! </self-promotion>

Interestingly from my flat in ShepBush I found that the sheer number of 
routers and 'hops' to get 'anywhere' that wasn't actually 'in' London, 
slowed things down considerably for UK connectivity. Previously, when I 
lived in Auckland city I was only two hops from the national backbone 
and four from Sydney, Los Angeles, Singapore... but in both the UK and 
US there are comparatively huge numbers of hops/delays to route around 
and across the country!

(so maybe my (self-)criticism/deprecation is not as deserved as it might 
seem, in pretty much most use-cases!?)

> Also getting people who want to work in the middle of nowhere and have
> the required skills is probably tricky.

au contraire: I know* numbers of ppl who would like to move to a place 
where they can farm, (market-) garden, fish, or indulge in an outdoor 
life-style (and without 9-5, Mon-Fri being so hard-and-fast) - and I see 
one of those in the mirror (periodically)...

* whether they will actually do so when offered the opportunity is quite 
another matter - as any employer of (potential) expats will affirm.

>   -- N., technically shouldn't be on this list anymore owing to cancelling
>          his season ticket yesterday. Goodbye commuting, goodbye London,
>          good to visit but not every day or even every month.

Welcome to the, um, G__UG-sub-club Nix. I haven't been thrown-out (yet) 
and one can't become much 'Greater London' than by sitting on a 
sun-drenched deck over-looking the Hauraki Gulf in a beach/country 
community that receives good DSL speeds from a handy exchange which 
microwaves everything to the country's backbone (and within 6m is 
scheduled for FttC) - but as you say, is one hour's drive to *visit* the 
country's largest metropolis/source of IT contracts/work...

(sadly one can't have 'everything': attending GLLUG meetings is a wee 

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