[Gllug] VMWare player Re: Forward of moderated message

James Pearson james-p at moving-picture.com
Wed Aug 31 16:02:11 UTC 2011

Andrew Black wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 03:21:44PM +0100, Martyn Drake wrote:
>>Yes, but you still have to factor in that blasted Windows license just
>>to get the bloody thing up and running.  At least VMware Player was/is
> VMWare player is free for non commercial use but (from my recollection)
> needs a paid license for commercial use. IANAL so I won't venture to
> discuss what is commercial use.

VMware player is 'free' for commercial use as well ... we questioned the 
VMware Player EULA with VMware and have officially been told that 
"Customers are free to use as they see fit" ...

James Pearson
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