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Tethys sta296 at astradyne.co.uk
Fri Aug 26 09:32:01 UTC 2011

John G Walker writes:

>GIMP is not similar, and, in any case, is nowhere near as sophisticated
>as Photoshop. The unavailability of Photoshop in Linux is one of the
>minus points,

GIMP is very definitely similar to Photoshop. Sure, there are
differences, but by and large, they both do the same thing. The
interface is different (I personally find GIMP intuitive and Photoshop
a pain in the arse, but I'm in the minority there[1]). And if you're
using Photoshop professionally, there's a high chance you're using
some plugins or more advanced features of Photoshop that won't be
available in GIMP. But to claim they're not similar is ridiculous.


[1] I have to wonder how much of that is due to learned behaviour,
    rather than the intuitiveness of the interface, though. Because
    I didn't come to GIMP having been familiar with Photoshop, I
    had nothing to unlearn.
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