[Gllug] Bits of virtualisation

David L Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Sat Dec 31 08:18:15 UTC 2011


>>> Yes, i would recommend using KVM instead of virtualbox.
>> Um, David said that the course was distributing stuff as VirtualBox disk
>> images. Recommending KVM is... not terribly helpful in this case.
> It might be more helpful with something like this:
> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/QEMU/Images#Exchanging_images_with_VirtualBox

Thanks for this. I was a little surprised that the article didn't 
mention OVF - but then maybe I show my IBM-ish educational bias...

My project(s) are very much hands-on learning for myself (normally I 
have others to do the dirty work - well anything at all that seems like 
hard work...). Accordingly I need to learn to walk before I can expect 
to fly.

Also the Prof is presumably legislating Virtual Box to keep all of us 
(on 'the same page') working in identical environments. So if that's his 
objective and knowing that I lack talent?knowledge across multiple VM 
systems, it's probably safer if I stick to the rules-and-regs - for now. 
(after a life-time in close association with a certain Mr Murphy - if 
something can go wrong, it will; I've few illusions about the depths of 
my ignorance!)

Once I've gained some comfort with using Virtual Box during the course, 
and (hopefully) have 'had a play' with KVM (my original 'holiday 
project'), then I might be in a position to rationalise, and to work out 
how to take the best of one and implement it in another...
(dreams are free!)

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