[Gllug] Bits of virtualisation

David L Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Sat Dec 31 07:50:35 UTC 2011


>>> Put Fedora 16 on the host.  Red Hat has the largest team working on
>>> server virtualization and KVM.
>> Yes, i would recommend using KVM instead of virtualbox.
> Um, David said that the course was distributing stuff as VirtualBox disk
> images. Recommending KVM is... not terribly helpful in this case. (The
> only courses that I know of that are distributed that way are some
> Oracle University courses, but maybe a few other organizations do the
> same thing.)

Sorry but I think this is largely my fault - discussing two diverse virt 
projects in one email. I have taken the KVM comments to be 
recommendations for the 'server' part of my project(s) and the Virtual 
Box advice to suit the new=old Thinkpad.

FWIW I had been intending to take the Fedora/KVM route (exclusively), 
largely because I was confident of first-hand assistance* from the likes 
of virt-Rich and other GLLUG-gers - eschewing my usual practice of 
CentOS on servers, Fedora on clients.

* should the incredible intellect EVER require such...hah!

The Virtual Box/course requirement came along only in the last few days 
- heard about almost in-passing and with zero explanation/justification, 
ie TBA 2012 - but I hate leaving infrastructure stuff to the last minute 
(procrastination is for course-work!) so given that the new/old laptop 
was just delivered and I was keen to Windolene* it it seemed best to 
start as I might have to go on.

* wipe its Windows

Curiously, whilst working my way through the Virtual Box web site I 
found the amusingly entitled: "The Fat Bloke's Shorts" 
(https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/VirtualBoxTV) amongst which was a video 
"... episode explains how to run 64-bit guests, even when you have a 
32-bit host platform." which advises that even if one installs a 32-bit 
Virtual Box it is still possible to run 64-bit guest systems iff the 
underlying h/w includes 64-bit VT-x/AMD-V extensions, which is 
completely contrary to 'logic' and to much of the information conveyed 
earlier in this thread - but I've not tried it (and have no intention, 
having downloaded the 64-bit package) and have been known to grab the 
wrong end of the stick before...

Happy New Year!
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