[Gllug] OpenChange and SOGo

Martyn Drake martyn at drake.org.uk
Tue Feb 1 20:20:38 UTC 2011

On 01/02/2011 19:34, Walter Stanish wrote:

> Honestly, my advice would be to get your company to fork the few bucks
> for Google hosting and let the pain of hosting your own email
> infrastructure, spam filtering, configuration, sync setup,
> cross-platform setup instructions, proprietary protocols, etc. become
> a dirty remnant of the past.  SMTP is so painful these days that it's
> WORTH paying someone else to do it.  And with mobile access demands,
> the cost of proprietary solutions that provide the critical fluff
> ("how can i book a conference room?") and calendaring support ...
> basically google's offering is pretty hard to turn down.

I've been using Google Apps since 2006 and I can honestly say it's gone 
downhill over the past year.  It's taken Google two months to sort out 
Postini problems, there have been infrastructure issues which have 
resulted in terrible piss-poor Gmail performance (although to be fair, 
Google Docs and Calendar have been working fine for the most part). 
Google's Enterprise Support is not a patch on local support - unless you 
go through a Google Apps reseller, of course.

So I've gone back to self-hosting my own email.  It's fast, I can 
monitor it and fix it if there are any problems, and I have granular 
control over delivery and spam/AV control.  Postini is far too clunky 
and distant from Google Apps and although works, has serious problems 
with Google Groups integration.

I will grant Google that it has taken calendaring and contact support 
for mobiles to new levels, but I use SyncML to do all that for the 
iPhone and Thunderbird.  A tad cumbersome, but it works for me.

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