[Gllug] Linux Tablets

Walter Stanish walter.stanish at saffrondigital.com
Thu Jan 20 07:37:35 UTC 2011

> I've now got an Archos 10.1 tablet, for £300. 10" screen, very clear, good
> sound from the speakers, 16 gb flash memory. The version of Android it comes
> with is somewhat idiosyncratic; not sure whether that is to do with Android
> proper, it's customization, or the default apps bundled in. Perhaps Debian
> or suchlike will be ported to it.
> But generally, I'm quite happy with it. Anyone else get a tablet for Xmas?

I acquired a Galaxy S, the little brother of the Galaxy Tab, which I have found
to be quite lovely indeed vs. its predecessors (Motorola Cliq,
horrid!) and iPhone
(iTunes is the devil).

For any and all android devices, of course, you simply must try the Android
Nethack port!

e (eat) - "What do you want to eat?".
f (apple) - "Core dumped."

Such gripping wit!

- Walter
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