[Gllug] VACANCY: Junior Sysadmin/Helpdesk/1st-line support

James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Mon Jan 31 10:36:09 UTC 2011

VACANCY: Junior Sysadmin/Helpdesk/1st-line support

    1. Skills required: supporting Windows Desktop and application 
toolset, Windows server/Exchange outline knowledge, Linux/*BSD knowledge

    2. Location: London W10 with easy access from Queen's Park tube

    3. Employer: well-established small company with good reputation 
supporting 350+ Desktop users at various companies, with Windows or 
Linux/*BSD infrastructure; together with equipment sales and IT consultancy

    4. Minimum salary: 12k (pro-rata) for probationary year, TBA by 
mutual consent thereafter depending on what you are worth.

    This is a full-time post for a JUNIOR staff member (junior means 
role, not necessarily age). The aim is for you to become senior ASAP.

    In the absence of a good full-time candidate we will consider good 
candidates that can offer 2+ days per week in the last year of a degree 
or training course, pay pro-rata, to become full-time after July.

    For more detail on the job, person specification and how to apply, 
please see http://stabilys.com/vacancies.html

Please pass this on to anyone you might consider to be interested.

Stabilys Ltd		www.stabilys.com
244 Kilburn Lane
W10 4BA

0845 838 5370
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