[Gllug] Extremely strange disk imaging problem.

- Tethys tethys at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 17:39:49 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 5:32 PM, david at gbenet.com <david at gbenet.com> wrote:

> In fact though you can set your order of boot in the BIOS this is
> ignored. I have installed Windows 2000 Pro about 6 times - all on
> laptops all with the BIOS to boot from the CD or DVD drive and all
> fail to boot. I've used DFSee to delete the MBR - success!

The only way I can see that this can possibly happen is if your BIOS
is extremely buggy. Admittedly, the general consensus on the net seems
to be that BIOS authors are typically dredged up from the very bottom
of the programming barrel, but even so, it seems unlikely they'd be
quite that bad.

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