[Gllug] Extremely strange disk imaging problem.

Walter Stanish walter.stanish at saffrondigital.com
Thu Jan 20 17:11:52 UTC 2011

>> Windows writes to the MBR - even preventing you from booting from a CD or DVD
> Please explain how the contents of an MBR can prevent me from booting
> from a different drive. If you were using a bootloader on the MBR to
> boot from CD/DVD then yes, that would no longer work. But nothing on
> the MBR should prevent you from booting directly from a CD/DVD.

At least up to circa-XP era (the last version I ever installed for
dual booting), Windows
overwrites the current MBR of at least one physical disk on installation, which
means that after it is installed you need to re-write the old contents
of the MBR
(such as GRUB) that may re-instate the capacity to boot (without BIOS-level
fiddling) to alternate operating systems stored on other permanent
physical disks.

I believe this is the source of confusion.

- Walter
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