[Gllug] My Blackberry Is Not Working -was Delayed data feed

David L Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Fri Jan 14 19:28:58 UTC 2011

>> ...
>>> So I can do you a three second delay, using a high powered laser, a
>>> telescope and a photodiode.
>>> But you will have to tell your customers it will only work once in a full moon.
>> I've heard some good ones in my time, but that idea is pure lunacy...
> Tsk, I see what you did there!

With due apologies to all with delicate sensibilities!

Unfortunately howling at the full moon will not be an option until next 
week, so an alternative end-of-week sanity adjustment had to be found...

...and wandering even further off-topic: of general appeal to 
pythonistas and a release valve for Hell|p Desk workers (who always 
deserve some light relief), may I recommend some 'retail' therapy:
"My Blackberry Is Not Working! - The One Ronnie, Preview - BBC One" 

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