[Gllug] Defining 'hidden' file types in nautilus ?

Rob Crowther robertc at boogdesign.com
Mon Jan 3 21:40:44 UTC 2011

On 03/01/11 21:34, Bruce Richardson wrote:
> Think you meant echo, not ls.  You should quote the wildard, as in
>    echo '*.pyc'>>  .hidden
> If you don't quote and you happen to have a file matching the wildcard
> in the current working directory, you won't achieve quite the effect you
> had intended.
I'm not sure what you mean: I want a list of the files ending with .pyc 
in the current directory put in the file called .hidden in the current 
directory, why would I be trying to hide files matching *.pyc in a 
directory with no .pyc files in it?

Nautilus will hide any files in listed in .hidden, it does not support 
wildcards/regex in .hidden (as far as my limited testing goes, anyway).

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