[Gllug] Is there such a thing as reverse DHCP?

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Sun Jan 16 13:36:22 UTC 2011

I make use of WakeOnLan facilities to start up a few machines remotely 
or automatically.  Currently I have a small collection of scripts called:


each of which contains the relevant MAC address hard-coded into the 
script.  I'd like to have just a single script, called perhaps just 
"wake" which one could invoke with:

wake able
wake baker
wake charlie

Obviously I could put all the MAC addresses in the single script, but 
that then still has to be maintained.

My DNS server knows the IP address of each box, so I can use that to 
translate the name into an IP address, but what I need is the target 
machine's MAC address.  My DHCP server knows the mapping from MAC 
address to IP address (usually used that way around), but is there any 
way to ask it to provide the information the other way?  That is, send 
it a query giving an IP address and have it return a response with a MAC 
address - the MAC address to which it would assign the given IP address?

So far I've failed to find such a query.

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