[Gllug] Delayed data feed

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Sat Jan 15 18:58:36 UTC 2011

On 12/01/11 17:11, John Hearns wrote:
> On 12 January 2011 16:33, - Tethys<tethys at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a simple delay utility that consumes data from
>> stdin and outputs it on stdout a fixed time later? What I want to be
>> able to do is:
>>         mkdata | delay 30 | send_data_to_customer
> Sadly, large open tanks of mercury are illegal these days. You coudl
> have a lot of fun.

As a child, I was always deeply impressed by a local car battery 
manufacturer.  He used to make his own car batteries, and then charge 
them by connecting them in series (about 20-ish of them) across the 
output from a mercury arc rectifier.

This was a marvelous gadget with a big pool of mercury and a brilliant 
dot skating around on the surface.  I never have understood how it worked.


P.S.  His batteries were excellent and lasted pretty much forever.  If 
they broke he actually mended them by opening up a cell, removing the 
plates, cleaning or replacing and reassembling.  Try asking the 
neanderthals in your local Halfords to do that.
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