[Gllug] Painfully slow MySql performance on 64-bit Atom processor

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Thu Jan 13 17:57:42 UTC 2011

On 13/01/11 06:29, John Winters wrote:
> However, the new box is balls-achingly slow at running MySql server 5.1.
>    Loading a dumped rails database into MySql runs at about 1ms per
> record on the old machine, whilst the exact same dump takes an average
> of 44ms per record to load on the new one.

Having spent quite a while web searching, I think I now know what the 
crucial difference is - ext4.

The old box has been upgraded from lenny and uses ext3.  The new box is 
a clean install of squeeze and uses ext4.

There are quite a few reports out there of performance problems using 
64-bit MySql on an ext4 partition.  The fix (?) is to mount the ext4 
partition with the option "bound=0", which does indeed produce a 
phenomenal performance improvement.  OTOH, I don't yet know what this 
option actually does so I'm off to do some more reading.

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