[Gllug] ADVERT: Shell Scripting book

Tethys sta296 at astradyne.co.uk
Wed Jul 20 21:30:35 UTC 2011

Steve Parker writes:

>env is not a shell builtin; it does not report on your shell's state, 

Use "export" to achieve the same effect, then.

>Granted, we're getting down to terminology here

Well, yes, but only if you consider the phrase "environment variable"
to refer to a variable in the shell's internal execution environment,
rather than a variable in the shell's environment dictionary, being
the third argument passed to main(), like the rest of the world does...

On the plus side, though, this discussion has given me an excellent
opportunity to disagree with Martin again. We'd been in agreement on
far too much lately, which goes against the natural order and balance
in the world. To resort to perl when a 10 line shell script would do
is crazy. Not only does it make your script look like line noise, but
it still suffers from the same problem. Perl variables aren't exported
to the environment by default either.

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