[Gllug] have you ever dreamt about RMS?

Alec Battles alec.battles at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 12:31:02 UTC 2011

last winter I had a dream about RMS:

As early on in my dreams as I can remember, software icon Richard M.
Stallman lives in a protected house. The house has an armored shell,
and it projects a giant holographic image of his face to anyone who is
in the anteroom.

>From after that, I dreamt that my wife and I were trying to
collaborate on something musical. Someone else is also there. There is
an outdoor setting with playground equipment, as well as an indoor
setting that, while fancy, nonetheless bears the hallmarks of a

Toward the end of the dreams I can remember, I was in the toilet part
of RMS's armored house. An invader was trying to enter. I was telling
the invader that they would never succeed.

In a separate, related sequence, I was eating some very expensive fish
-- half of a haddock. The package had a picture of a woman on it.

>From after that, I was in RMS's house. So was the invader, but we
quickly despatched him. He was trying to attack with forks. RMS was
fiddling around with Emacs at the time, showing me how to replace all
of the variables in a piece of code for some purpose, then editing a
piece of PHP code, something to do with an invalid security
certificate. I told him that mine were hardly ever valid.

The final thing I remembered dreaming was that RMS gave me a tamale,
and that I began crying. While I sobbed, I lamented the fact that
tamale ladies, who sell tamales on the street, such as one sees in
Mexico, are not found in US cities. I said that they were
authentically American, dating back to 'the Aztecs.' As I sobbed, I
said that America would never advance as long as we traced our lineage
back to Europe. Then I was next to his bookshelf. Bound in paperback
with the same black and white cover design as an Everyman's Library
hardback was a Cree divination guide that had a lot in common with the
Tarot. Instead of Tarot cards, however, there were pictures
(photographs, with a strong cloud element and a dark haried, naked
woman) of the various stages of womens' lives.
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