[Gllug] have you ever dreamt about RMS?

salsaman at xs4all.nl salsaman at xs4all.nl
Sat Jul 23 12:43:01 UTC 2011

On Sat, July 23, 2011 14:31, Alec Battles wrote:
> last winter I had a dream about RMS:
> As early on in my dreams as I can remember, software icon Richard M.
> Stallman lives in a protected house. The house has an armored shell,
> and it projects a giant holographic image of his face to anyone who is
> in the anteroom.
> From after that, I dreamt that my wife and I were trying to
> collaborate on something musical. Someone else is also there. There is
> an outdoor setting with playground equipment, as well as an indoor
> setting that, while fancy, nonetheless bears the hallmarks of a
> library.
> Toward the end of the dreams I can remember, I was in the toilet part
> of RMS's armored house. An invader was trying to enter. I was telling
> the invader that they would never succeed.
> In a separate, related sequence, I was eating some very expensive fish
> -- half of a haddock. The package had a picture of a woman on it.
> From after that, I was in RMS's house. So was the invader, but we
> quickly despatched him. He was trying to attack with forks. RMS was
> fiddling around with Emacs at the time, showing me how to replace all
> of the variables in a piece of code for some purpose, then editing a
> piece of PHP code, something to do with an invalid security
> certificate. I told him that mine were hardly ever valid.
> The final thing I remembered dreaming was that RMS gave me a tamale,
> and that I began crying. While I sobbed, I lamented the fact that
> tamale ladies, who sell tamales on the street, such as one sees in
> Mexico, are not found in US cities. I said that they were
> authentically American, dating back to 'the Aztecs.' As I sobbed, I
> said that America would never advance as long as we traced our lineage
> back to Europe. Then I was next to his bookshelf. Bound in paperback
> with the same black and white cover design as an Everyman's Library
> hardback was a Cree divination guide that had a lot in common with the
> Tarot. Instead of Tarot cards, however, there were pictures
> (photographs, with a strong cloud element and a dark haried, naked
> woman) of the various stages of womens' lives.
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I can't claim to have dreamt of RMS, but a few weeks ago when I was study
algorithms intensely for a Masters entrance exam, I had a dream where I
was attempting to explain Knuth's algorithm X - dancing pointers - to
somebody using real dancers !


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