[Gllug] networking problem

t.clarke tim at seacon.co.uk
Fri Jul 15 07:46:14 UTC 2011

we have a small problem at work which I am hoping might be solved with a small
Linux box made up from an old PC  (coyote floppy distribution or similar would
be good!) :-

The problem is we have a device which is very old, unsupported now by the
manufacturer and no manuals available it seems,  which 'talks' to the host
on another network via a gateway of programmed-in (we assume) as
its default gateway.  It looks very much like we are not going to be able to
change this routing, and the gateway of will be disappearing shortly
(to be replaced by another with address;  don't ask me why - not my
doing!).   I believe the original decision was made before it was discovered
that re-programming the  device with a new gateway was going to be problematical

So, assuming re-programming the gateway on the device IS impossible, can we
cheat and shove a linux box on the LAN with an IP of and a default
gateway of, so that the device will send its packets to the linux
box which will then forward (over the same eth0 interface) to, for
ultimate delivery to the far end?   It would seem this will work in theory, but
am I missing something??


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