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Steve Parker steve at steve-parker.org
Fri Jul 15 22:20:30 UTC 2011

On 15/07/11 22:42, David L Neil wrote:
> Steve,
> On 07/15/2011 11:53 AM, Steve Parker wrote:
>> I am a regular lurker on this list; I've posted a few times. I just
>> wanted to mention that my book, Shell Scripting: Expert Recipes for
> ...
>> It's not a beginner's shell / *nix introduction book, it's aimed at
>> intermediate to advanced sysadmins.
> Congratulations!
Thanks! It's been a while in the coming, but it's finally coming out 
next month
> I'm regularly surprised and impressed by the caliber and achievements 
> of GLLUG members - even if some do hide their light under a bushel.
> Friday funny: how many pizza boxes in a bushel?
tells me that a pizza box is 16x16x2 inches (which sounds a bit large); 
in metres, that's 0.4064 * 0.4064 * 0.0508, which bc tells me is 0.0083 
square metres.
tells me that 0.0083 square metres is 8.34 litres, which sounds 
plausible for a 16x16x2" box. Google search for "define:bushel" tells me 
that a bushel is 35.2 litres, so there must be 4.22 pizza boxes in a bushel.

Rounding off for a more regular-sized pizza box, 5 pizza boxes sounds 
like a reasonable answer.

Am I close? Or have I missed the "funny" part?!


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