[Gllug] My Internet experience in the West at times is comparable to female foeticide

Martin A. Brooks martin at hinterlands.org
Wed Jun 22 21:12:09 UTC 2011

On Wed, June 22, 2011 20:56, Krishna Birth wrote:
> From: Krishna Birth <krishnabirth at gmail.com>

Oh Buddha....

Krishna/Meeku/Whatever you are called, please read carefully.

Okay, it works like this.

A LUG is formed when few or many people group together with a common
interest in Linux and share a general geographic area.  GLLUG members tend
to live in or around London.  That's what the second L stands for.

The membership bar for all LUGs is pretty low.  Mostly you subscribe to
the list and, VOILA!, you are a member.  Well done and welcome.  All new
members are considered a joy and a treasure.  Your race, faith, height,
weight, preferred peeing angle are all irrelavent, all we are interested
in is your opinions, your questions, your answers and, as a bonus, your
presence at the all too infrequent meetings.  Sometimes we like to talk
about Linux, too.

You have to try quite hard to provoke us into not wanting to help you. You
have fairly comprehensively succeeded where so few have done so before.
Google "James Camalyn".

Mistakes you have made are:

1) Cross posting to many LUGs.

It's not unreasonable for you to be involved in many LUGs. I personally am
involved in about 4, and some similar groups which are not LUGs.  What is
unreasonable is when you decided to join about 7 LUGs across the breadth
and width of the country, ask them all the same set of questions, and act
really surprised when they all give you similar responses.

TOP TIP!  If lots of people give you the same answers to your questions,
maybe those answers are correct, even if you don't like them.

2) Not liking the answers.

You asked questions, you got answers.  You didn't like the answers.  You
asked your questions in a different way.  You got the same answers.  You
seemed to get confused.

3) Not shutting the fuck up.

When your idea has been broadly dismissed by the list as being poor you
have two options.  Either you restate your idea in such a way that we poor
stupid idiots realise we've misunderstood your brilliance, or you shut the
fuck up until you get a better idea.  You did neither.  Here's how it
should have gone:

You> Hey! Let's make a $worship_figure orientated distro!
Us> Okay, take something like Ubuntu and theme it.
You> Thanks!  If anyone wants to help, please let me know offlist.

.... time passes.

You> [ANNOUNCE] I have made $worship_figure-IX, based on Ubuntu.  3 GLLUG
people volunteered to help me.
Us> Super, well done. Let's meet up for some beer \o/

What actually happened was, well, what you saw.  You missed the whole "bad
idea" part and went down your own little path.  Nothing wrong with that
really, except you kept shouting for help from us unimaginative saps
walking on the dull old boring well-trod road of the well established
distro.  We said "come join us on the boring well-trod road, you can paint
it whatever colour you like".  Instead you, metaphorically, complained
about the nettle stings one gets when going off-track when ill equipped to
do so.

4) No man is an island

You've posted a excerpt from the SWLUG list quoting Dave Cridland.  I will
assume that what you have posted is uneditted.

So you know, Dave is a former GLLUG member and, relevant or not, my former
business partner.  Many of us know many members of many other LUGs.  When
someone comes along and starts being a pest on many lists you quickly gain
the wrong kind of reputation.  See also James Camalyn as above.

Being a persistent annoyance to a lot of lists is a really great way to
send your reputation in the direction of the floor and beyond.  Guess
what?  Recruiters come to these lists looking for potential materiel,
people who hire and fire sysadmins will be looking at what you do on these
lists (I sure do).  ("You have Martin Brooks' CV you say?  Nah, he's a
twat on GLLUG."  "Okay, I won't get him in for an interview then.").  This
happens. Not kidding.

5) "My Internet experience in the West at times is comparable to female

Quite literally the most fucking stupid thing I have ever seen posted to
this list. You should be ashamed of yourself.

6) Impotent wrath

I have no idea if you really sent that email to the IETF.  If so, thanks,
you've wasted the time of someone with much better things to do than deal
with what you perceive as some kind of personal attack and injustice. Duh.

You also don't understand how these mailing lists work.  Posting here
isn't a right, it's a privilege and one you have abused with the offensive
nonsense you posted today.  If we don't want you here, you're gone. 
There's no appeals process, no right to reply, you simply stop being able
to post. The End.

If I were you, I'd start drafting an apology to the list.


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