[Gllug] Multiple phones on a home network with single router

t.clarke tim at seacon.co.uk
Thu Mar 17 23:45:52 UTC 2011

I have three sockets (all 'masters' as I couldn't be bothered to fiddle around
with the extra wires to support ringing on the 'extensions')  with two of them
spurred/daisy-chained off the back of the master socket:

                                |                 |
                              filter            filter
                              |   |               |
                          Phone2  ADSL         Phone 3

and the arrangement works fine     (7.6Mbps download)

But then I am only 1.5 - 2 miles from the exchange...

I have never understood why a few extra feet from the master socket should make
any real difference if the sockets are properly filtered;  bearing in mind that
the extra few feet are a fraction of the total line length.   The big difference
I have found is the quality of the microfilters (I have had some crappy ones
in the past  - it is worth buying good quality ones and avoiding the cheapos).

(The combined REN of the three phones is within limits BTW)


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