[Gllug] VPS, MX records and Virtualmin

Martyn Drake martyn at drake.org.uk
Fri Mar 18 14:07:17 UTC 2011

What generally gets my goat at the moment is witnessing customers
attempting to run a primary AND secondary nameserver on the SAME
machine using two IPv4 addresses.  This is despite telling them all
about redundancy, single points of failure, etc.  This usually applies
to (unfortunately) cPanel/WHM users.

cPanel/WHM is, however, blessed with DNS clustering which makes it
piss easy to set-up multiple slave nameservers on existing cPanel/WHM
servers you may have access to, or if you take out a cheap CentOS VPS
you could stick on cPanel DNS ONLY and add that to a cluster (and
cPanel DNS ONLY can also act as a secondary backup MX if you wish -
just add the domain to /etc/secondarymx and you're done).


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