[Gllug] VPS, MX records and Virtualmin

Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Fri Mar 18 00:15:53 UTC 2011

On 17 Mar 2011, Neil Macvicar outgrape:

> You'd be better off using a registrars DNS system - more fault tolerant. 

Really? As long as you have a couple of secondaries, I don't see how
they would be more fault tolerant than you are. DNS really is good at
this: I had a pair of interlocoking bugs (one in bind's build system,
one in my monitoring code) take my authoritative named down for a
*month*. I noticed only when I updated a zonefile and it didn't take.
The secondaries had taken up the load so flawlessly that neither I nor
anyone looking up names really noticed.

The big downside with having someone else run your authoritative
nameserver is that if they go bust or something you are screwed for a
long time. I lost a month's email once because my ISP was taken over by
another one that decided to change everyone's static IP addresses,
forget to fix their mailservers to allow incoming mail from the new
addresses, and break their hosting console (such as it was) such that
you couldn't change your MX records either -- and of course you couldn't
email them, even via telnet to port 25, because their mailserver refused
connections from people on your new IP.

Getting out of *that*, well, getting a MAC seemed fastest, only they
dragged their feet there, too. If I'd had control over my own DNS at
least I could have fixed my MX up and kept on receiving my own email
while I switched ISP, even if I still couldn't have sent my ISP email.

So now I run my own DNS.

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