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James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Wed May 11 08:35:15 UTC 2011

On 10/05/11 18:22, John Hearns wrote:
> ps. another bit of advice - and I know this will provoke howls here,
> certify your software for:
> and tell your customers it will run on CentOS and OpenSUSE


I started out with SLS and then Red Hat.

We have about 40% of our clients using Linux as the principal 
fileserver/mail system and indeed virtual host, with 60% having 
Linux-hosted backup systems.

The rest have fundamental requirements for vertical software that only 
runs on the Windows stack (because the authors hook into the stack, 
usually at the Outlook and Word automation level), and it is not going 
to change in the near future if ever...

All of the Linux fileservers are CentOS-based, so if anything goes 
sufficiently pear-shaped and we can't actually fix it (so far so good!) 
as a last resort we can move them to Red Hat. Same if CentOS disappears...

We only have one customer running Red Hat and they have two datacenters 
and are running a *lot* of Red Hat, and are happy to pay the support 
contract costs. I'm happy too 'cos it feeds something back to Red Hat 
(who have earned it).

> they are the common distros in use for engineering software. Sorry. I
> know. I should use Debian or Bill Gates will own my soul.

RH is good and solid as a rock but I find Debian more elegant (just 
personal taste?). We do use Debian for most of our own infrastructure 
(plus some CentOS and *BSD) and I am very happy with it.

I can't get on with SuSE, for some reason (prior dreadful experience it 
would be), and Fedora makes me slightly sea-sick...

On the desktop however, I am the only person in the organisation to run 
Linux, and currently it's Ubuntu (with various Windows VMs - XP, 7/32 - 
to enable me to follow a customer through their error path).

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