[Gllug] Bootable USB backup like OS X dmg?

James Hawtin oolon at ankh.org
Tue May 31 09:10:05 UTC 2011

Nix wrote:
> Yeah, but a lot of Unix people are C people as well. This leads to the
> bizarre occurrence that the *more* experienced someone is, the more
> likely he is to mess up the argument order of one of these commands.
> (My personal bete noire is ln(1). I always get it backwards except when
> I don't.
I am glad I am not going mad and the only one that has to make sure i 
get things right. My orginal point was, with dump and tar to a file, 
making a mistake is not large problem (less of course you are trying to 
be clever rather two of them in a pipe and didn't do a cd or ssh 
collectly to get to the destination). Command like scp may have source 
and destination arguments in that order however the remote and the local 
can be either way around.

Sometimes I really wish there was a "read only" root type user on a unix 
system, all the access to read, no ability to change.

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