[Gllug] OT: Kindle Networking

Alistair Mann gllug at lgeezer.net
Wed May 18 21:02:31 UTC 2011

Mick Farmer wrote:
>  Dear Richard,
>  I thank those people who've replied with valuable information and
>  some pointers to where to look next.
>  I'm running Wireshark monitoring my wi-fi network.
>  My Kindle and my router are using LLC (Link Layer Control?) to
>  communicate with one another.  This is not anything I've investigated
>  before so, before I dive in, can any of you give me some idea of what
>  to look for?  Or is it a red herring?

Red Herring. LLC (Logical Link Control) concerns itself with management 
of traffic rather than creating traffic. Your Kindle will be 
communicating using TCP/IP.

>  Presumably data is flowing from my Kindle to my router and then on to
>  Amazon but I have no way of monitoring that last step.  Any ideas?

Your Kindle will use an internal IP address, and is available both from 
the device itself, and many routers will enumerate it in the dhcp table. 
Filtering on that IP address with wireshark will inform you more about 
that traffic that transpires; as mentioned before, there will be no 
traffic when it isn't communicating but it might still be 'connected'. 
Restart the Kindle while watching Wireshark as above, and assuming it 
picks up the same IP address again, you may well see the connection 
being bought up between it, the Kindle, and Amazon with a SYN packet.

There will be no difference between your Kindle connecting to Amazon, 
and (say) a linux laptop connecting to eBay, at least as far as 
Wireshark is concerned; so might I suggest that you familiarise yourself 
with how WS behaves as and when you make a specific connection (start 
with a simple HTTP connection, then HTTPS). Once you know what to look 
for when watching your own traffic, you'll be much better placed to 
watch what the Kindle does as you switch it on and it starts making 
connections out.

Alistair Mann
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